Why Breakfast Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

First world countries propose that the world adopts a 24-hour economy. The world can’t achieve such a fete hurriedly though. Over 80 percent of the global population remains blissfully nocturnal. Yes, we all are: Our bodies are adapted to sleep in the night and work during the day. During the day, we need a lot of energy in those 8-16 hours. We need to feed more during that time for energy and growth. When the body sleeps, it breaks from metabolizing actively and fasts from eating. That is why breakfasts are very important: they help us to break the night fasting.

Waking Up Depleted

The body metabolizes nutrients for active use. When it metabolizes more energy than it should, it stores them. Healthy and active people should not go for long hours ranging from 6-12 hours without sleeping unless when sleeping. That is how long people sleep, and they often wake up hungry and thirsty. The body effectively depletes any extra energy that was used during the day by using very little it for passive physiological processes. It stores the rest in combustible form. We, therefore, wake up without enough reserves of active energy. Trying to function without any food consumption would be like pushing a car without fuel to carry a load.

Most Effective Catalyzed Metabolism

As I said earlier, we are nocturnal animals and in the mornings, our bodies release digestion fastening enzymes. The energy demands of that time make metabolism and energy absorption even faster. Taking the maximum amount of food when the metabolism and absorption of the body are at a peak level increases nutritional efficiency. The same amount of nutritional elements consumed in the morning yields more value to your body at that time rather than in the night when the body craves to hibernate overnight.

Losing Weight

Dieting takes many forms; some forms are rewarding and others are just self-punitive. It has been proven time and time again that cutting food consumption does not lead to healthy weight loss. Choosing what to eat and when does, however. Food selection and timing is so effective that the method is often recommended by world-class nutritionists and health professionals. Eating food in the morning ensures that the food is absorbed and metabolized. However, the food goes wasted if consumed in the wee hours of the night. It gets stored in fats, and thus leads to weight gain. People who lose weight have been recorded and reported to lose weight much easier than those who skip it.

Cognitive Function

The brain needs glucose to function. It is made of millions and millions of active nerves each functioning in an environment of a physio-electrical environment. Overnight, it utilizes the little actively metabolized glucose levels and wakes up depleted in the morning. It specifically requires an energy boost more than any other organ. People who miss breakfast mess their days up: especially those who need constant metal activity to get through their days. They easily succumb to moodiness, stress and strained achievement. School children should never skip breakfast.

Feeling Full

Any fiber-rich food we ingest helps to hold us together. It also cleans our systems. There cannot be a better time to consume fiber-rich food than in the morning. That way, we feel full at the beginning of the day and give our digestive system the whole day to break it down and to clean out our gut outwards for future consumption. As the day passes, our tasks reduce and our energy requirements drop with its passing. Active and continuous metabolism, therefore, demands that we consume a load of food during breakfast and to reduce the consumption amounts gradually with the least consumption happening at night.

Parting Shot

You need to balance every meal. Every different nutrient is digested and absorbed differently in your body. Therefore, rather than bombarding the body with specific nutrients over one meal, consume little quantities of different nutrients in many meals that are spread out during the day. However, make the breakfast portions bigger than any other for the reasons above. Learn and teach your loved ones to prepare and have breakfasts in the morning, preferably together. The benefits are more than just mental and physiological; they are also psychological. Proper preparation and feeding in the morning simply put our minds at very blissful ease and efficiency.

Fast and Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and we should make sure we have a healthy breakfast every morning.  If you don’t feel like getting up early on the weekends but are looking for easy, fast and delicious breakfast recipes, you’ve come to the right place.

Follow the recipe and enjoy